Ingrid Paoletti

Associate Professor of Building Technology

Ingrid Paoletti is Associate Professor of Architectural Technology at the Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Department (ABC) @Politecnico di Milano.

Ingrid is PhD in Building Technology, and has been Research Associate @MIT during her Ph.D studies on the topic of Innovative Building Envelopes (tutor Leon Glicksman).

She is an experienced researcher on Computational Creativity and Emergent Material Systems in Design, with theoretical studies and experimental works.

Scientific coordinator of MATERIAL BALANCE research unit and Founder and co-director of Actlab research unit (2014-18) and Scientific Coordinator of SaperLab, Digital Fabrication LAB @DABC.

She holds strong and long lasting relations with partners and stakeholders for cutting edge customized industrial researches, public and private, some of which are patented.

She continuously writes internationally well-known books and articles on her research topics. 

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